Autonomous Car Made by NISSAN

Various manufacturers are working on the development of automatic driving vehicles in various countries around the world. Nissan is one of them. Nissan has pioneered developing autonomous cars equipped with mechanisms that control both steering and speed.

We will introduce the technology of antonomous cars made by Nissan.

Here is the new Serena equipped with automatic steering and a speed control mechanism.

The name of the automatic driving mechanism is "ProPILOT".
It uses several cameras and sensors and enables the new Serena to drive in the same lane on the expressway without a human controlling it.

This is the concept car of Nissan's autonomous car.
It has sensors and cameras which are more advanced than the Serena, making autonomous driving possible. It is a system that works not only on highways but also on ordinary roads where pedestrians and signals exist.
There is also an initiative to learn the road conditions while autonomous cars are driving and share the information with other vehicles using AI (Artificial Intelligence).


We found that Nissan Motor has worked on developing autonomous cars by improving their technology.
We realized that the sensing technology with cameras and sensors is the fruit of cultivating steady research.

On the other hand, we noticed one point that seems to be a problem with the concept of sharing the learned results of road conditions with other vehicles.
Nissan says "the learned results will be shared only among Nissan Motors' cars". But we felt that the effectiveness of AI (artificial intelligence) will be more improved by sharing with other cars from other companies.

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